My primary teaching approach is centered around fitness therapy for everyday living.


My series of classes are client-oriented, typically combining breathing exercises, yoga postures, calisthenics and yoga therapy balls or Yamuna ball self massage in a way that heals damaged muscle tissue, increases overall strength and bolsters the immune system. The restorative technique create balance and mobility in the body, while helping to relieve pain, improve coordination , and reduce stress. My students do not to be fit and flexible — or even have a regular exercise routine — to be able to partake in the class and benefit.

I also teach more targeted classes per client request, including but not limited to yin/restorative, hatha, Bikram, and self-massage. I can also structure a class to focus on a requested body part. My classes typically target hips, shoulders, back, and feet, and I can adapt a practice to best fit your body.

Weekly Offerings In-Studio

You can find me at Hagoyah Yoga in Kansas City for a hot yoga series.

Saturday: 8:30 AM Hot Yoga True 26×2 with Shagane (90 min) In-Studio

Sunday: 11:00 AM Hot Yoga True 26×2 with Shagane (90 min) In-Studio

Private Classes and Rates

All classes range from 60-75 minutes depending on the energy presenting itself in the moment. To encourage a regular and committed practice, I am able to offer a 10% discount if you buy a series of 10 classes. The 10 class series is subject to availability and has a 3-month expiration period.

Private client, in-person:

  • $80 (at your location)
  • $40 (at my location)

Private client, Zoom virtual class:

  • $30

Group, in-person:

  • $15 per person. Three person minimum.

Group, Zoom virtual class:

  • $10 per person. Three person minimum.